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Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedure

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedure


  1. Please enter the parking lot through the north driveway and exit through the south driveway

  2. Follow the white arrows

  3. Pull as far forward as possible before letting children out of car

  4. Children should get out of the car on the curb side of the driveway

  5. Do not pass cars in front of you by going to the left of the driveway. The red cones mark the area for the wheelchair accessible vans to enter

  6. Avoid blocking any driveway and/or crosswalk

  7. Please hang up cell phones while you drive through so you are fully alert to children and their location

  8.  Do not park in the staff parking lot

  9. When parked in the handicapped spots, please fully display your handicapped card

  10. Please walk across the driveway only at the blue marked crosswalk

  11. Please use only safe speeds

  12. Do not call your child across the street to meet you

  13. Please do not double park or park in the “red zones” of the curbs


NO SUPERVISION is available until 7:45 a.m.



  1. Same as above

  2. Please notify the teacher with the walkie-talkie at the entrance of the driveway of your child’s name

  3. Your child should be waiting for you at the front of the line…children know to only get in the first three cars in line so we can move the cars forward easily and avoid traffic back up.

As always, please let common courtesy and the importance of safety for all children prevail.